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TRAVEL DIARY: EURO TRIP | London, Paris + Amsterdam

Where should we travel next?!

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  1. Please can u tell me when did u go? I men what month of the year?

  2. What month did you go? Just so I have an idea about the weather I'd face

  3. I love your travel videos ! You look amazing ♥ Greetings from Poland, you should visit Warsaw next time! xoxo

  4. Tess continuously looks like she's posing for a photographer. WTF is that?

  5. what time of the year was it ? does anyone recommend going in last week of december of first week of jan ?

  6. I went to Paris and London this summer and it was beautiful! So grateful I got to go 🙂

  7. Does someone know the song at the bigining pls ?

  8. Nobody's gonna talk about the cathedral fire? Ok

  9. Great combination. Probably the three most beautiful and diverse cities in Europe.

    The top 5 that you must have visited in Europe for most are 'Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rome and Bruges (Not Brussel)'

    Some people put cities such as Prague, Barcelona, ​​and Vienna in the same row .. but I think that is a bit lower.

  10. I went on a European trip in my Sr year of college, and I loved it, but it does limit the things you can do. Loved your video.

  11. Omg me and my husband travel too except we use our own money. We don’t go on free trips. We pay for our own because, we have our own money. Learn what your doing in life. This couple is everything wrong with dumb, spoiled, and untitled Americans. No wonder people from other countries think Americans are so dumb!!!!

  12. I just uploaded an Italy vlog and would love if any of you would check it out❤️❤️

  13. Anyone else here after the fire at notre dome ?

  14. Oh my god!! Paris is so on my list of places to go. So gorgeous!!!

  15. Watch my new GoPro video of Paris–> https://youtu.be/tM2sOLBgXVI 🇨🇵🌍

  16. So cute! I just posted my own Paris Travel Diaries. Please check it out 🙂

  17. What music did you use for the intro?

  18. Soo beautiful.. currently eating hot cheetos wishing I was there rn lol

  19. Ugh, I wanna go to London again but my friends are all still in uni and have no time! It has been two or three years since I went there and I miss it so much. London is my favorite city!

  20. Love from karachi 😍😍😍😍

  21. where is your necklace from???

  22. I want to go to Europe should I go to Paris or London?

  23. I need everything in your winter wardrobe

  24. This is my all Time Favorite Videos !!!

  25. yall shouldve visited the anne frank house in amsterdam..

  26. Pat reminds me of a smash up of Leonardo Dicaprio and Jimmy depp

  27. LIFE GOAL : Europe roadtrip You should maybe go to Poland, Germany, Hungary (Pudapest), Croatia and Switzerland. I'm sure that every country in Europe is worth visiting but those countries are just so aesthetic especially in winter and autumn.

  28. where did you get your brown jacket from?? I love it!

  29. Where did you study abroad? I just finished a semester in Madrid and it was the best thing ever <3 Love your channel

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  31. When I hear your music I feel happy to be alive. Really makes me feel great about being a musician. Keep up the awesome work! 💟🙃💜😍😻

  32. I think you'd enjoy Capetown, South Africa

  33. Hi Tess! Hope all is well with you! I absolutely loved this travel diary video.. it looked like such an incredible trip!! Also, I was wondering where you bought your black booties? (the ones that you wore with the blue jeans, black jacket and black hat)

  34. nice blog.. may i know the video editor that u used in this video? thanks a lot

  35. I’ve got to say, you are very talented. Keep up all the wonderful work. I need to get my butt in gear and get out some more compositions! 💛💓💞🎵

  36. I took the same trip last summer and went to the same countries!!!! I missss it💓🌏🌟

  37. Day 2 Dalhousie | Khajjiar (mini Switzerland of India). Travel is the best way of practical knowledge.

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