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Travel Vlog: Venice, An Italian Love Affair | HAUSOFCOLOR

I made my way to The Floating City of Venice last summer and it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen! A city full of romance and serenity, great food, and built on water. It was an amazing experience and I hope you guys enjoyed this little adventure with me!

The video is a bit lengthy, but you guys requested longer travel vlogs, so I hope this was sufficient! I love you and thanks so much for watching! xx

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  1. This is one of the best travel Volgs that I've ever seen in 10 years… Greetings from Egypt

  2. Amazing video. Awesome place and love the country. Great job.

  3. Beautiful! I'm also a travel Vlog in Japan

  4. everyone getting on her for pronouncing gondola wrong and saying European architecture. it is innocent. she is nice. she is polite. it's not a bad thing. it is something easily corrected

  5. Amazing trip can't wait to go someday 😍😍😍

  6. Such a waste of trip. All she did was taking a Disney ride to pass through the landmarks.

  7. So you can't drive from the airport. You can only float or ride a boat from the airport.

  8. Wow. U r so hot. I am in Venice right now. I will definitely pass up the gondola ride as it’s too expensive. I’ve been eating nothing but pizza, gelato and other snacks. I will hit the gym once I get home

  9. What were the menu price like?

  10. Watch my 'Venice Vlog' over on my channel to see what my family and I got up to in the beautiful Venice!

  11. Check out how we managed to do Venice on a budget!
    Read, Share & Subscribe to receive regular blogs on our budget adventures around the world!

  12. Can you list the places where you are food please ?

  13. Watching your blog it's nice

  14. So many sensitive non-Americans and “Europeans” I see commenting 🙄

  15. Funny to see you eating so much! Well done!! Finally a pretty Lady not afraid of food!

  16. One of the best vlogs I have seen 👌 wanna go sooooo bad

  17. Did u come with ur sugar daddy

  18. Great video!! Made me so nostalgic!

    I just posted a Venice vlog and would love if anyone wanted to check it out!!

  19. My wife saw this video and wants to know who makes the white top you are wearing. If you know please post a response here. Thank you.

  20. "Venicia"? Maybe you meant VenEZia 🤔

  21. What month did you go in?

  22. Hello guys come to my home I show you many beautiful FALLS and PLACES in Philippines

  23. So very nice place I want tour this country one day awesome

  24. 12:20 "will make you feel some type of way?" is that what she says? great vid anyhow

  25. I just went there and at night the tide went up to your knees… best experience of my life

  26. Yep… that’s a tourist

  27. Whereabouts in Venice did you go ?

  28. which month did you go?

  29. Great content…make us want to visit Venice and add it to our list of Travel locations on our Vlog !

  30. I love it and believe me it’s not that long! Very informative and just the right amount coz some vlogs takes forever and have to skip quite often. I always wanted to go with hubby, so i was searching for a video here and saw this! Definitely will have gelato every day😆 the hotel is my kinda hotel too not too old fashion but still got a touch of Italian to it, sorry about your bruise though. I will subscribe from now on!😘

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