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Trip to Philippines with my mom♡ Vlog in Japanese #2 (with subtitles)

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  1. Oh, thanks for sharing it with us! Hope you stay safe as well. Please keep working on your videos, you're such a nice teacher. Greetings from Brazil!!

  2. It's so nice of you to go on a trip with your Mom.

  3. すごいみたいねミク先生!!いいね。

  4. Wow. I’m joules because we Americans can’t take a vacation there because I guess it’s American electives orders. It’s stupid if you ask me. I still rather be in Japan than America in this case too

  5. I'm Filipino . You're always welcome in our country

  6. フィリピン人です!フィリピンにようこそ!! Your welcome in Tagalog is "Walang anuman" literally means it's nothing , but in the video is walay sapayan, its in cebuano language 🙂 フィリピンに来てくださってありがとうございます!遠慮せずフィリピンに来ますよ。

  7. Omg!! You came in the Philippines? Wow. Enjoy and please come back again Miku-Sensei. Salamat

  8. 先生はフィリピンに行ったことあるなんて思わなかったんでちょっとびっくりしましたね。フィリピンが好きになってくれてありがとうございます。私は日本にいるフィリピン人でミクリアルジャパニーズの登録車です。😁😁👋👋

  9. Awesome place! Thank you for visiting my country

  10. A beautiful country and two beautiful women to show it. Seem's like you had an amazing trip! Always appreciate your videos Miku.

  11. I am watching here in Amsterdam Netherlands! I am a on a learning hiatus and you channel has really helped me get my Japanese going again! ありがとうございます未来先生!あなたのビデオたちが好きですけど!😊😊🇳🇱

  12. Are you really in Phillipenes .that is bad
    You should be staying at home …take care of your health there is fear of corona we habe been staying inside for1 month. Thank you for the content..
    Could please tell me.. what is I drink in japaneses

  13. 2:16 It's not fried chicken, it's crispy pata (pork legs)

  14. 私も波の音がきれいだと思います。

  15. De ir a Filipinas yo iría a Zamboanga que es la zona donde todavía hablan un dialecto del español.

  16. Video:
    About Philippines or has Philippines in it


  17. Sorry for telling you through the comment's section, I started to study Japanese in November 2019, I've passed N4/JFTA2 Japanese language test, one of terms to able to work in Japan, what I've been doing so far is learning Japanese by two books including Minna no Nihongo, AND by great illustration and explanation of Miku Sensei who resolved lot of confusing of similars grammars in Japanese language.
    Thank you 6000 Sensei! keep healthy keep smiling, keep sharing. We love You ❤️

  18. I think the reason I understand you is because you're speaking slowly and using easy words on purpose. Thank you

  19. Miku-sensei maybe you can make a video on the difference of くんよみ nd おんよみ。ありがとう!😍 Your channel is really helping me in my japanese 😍More videoos soon!

  20. Miku sensei.. Welcome to the Phillipines. This is my country.. Enjoy miku sensei

  21. sensei i hope you had a great time during your vacation here in Philippines especially in Cebu..

    ♥️♥️♥️from Cebu, Philippines

  22. 2:16 i dont think it was fried chicken sensei, it was a crispy pata(crispy pork leg) :)😊

  23. thank you for visiting my country currently i'm working here in saitama japan and i'm always watching your videos because i'm studying japanese its so helpful doumo arigatou more blessings to come

  24. In Cebu where they speak Cebuano(most of the time) they say “Wala’y sapayan!” or “Wa’y sapayan!” to say “You’re welcome!”.

    Tagalogs just say “Walang anuman!”

  25. welcome to the philippines sensei miku🇵🇭❤🇯🇵

  26. わたしのいなかですね。Cebu

  27. Welcome to my country..enjoy and be safe as always

  28. Godbless you kiwotsukete kudasai

  29. Welcome to Philippines miku sensei 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  30. フィリピンへようこそ、ミク先生。もし今の状況がよくなったら、またフィリピンに来てください。それから、マニラに行けば、僕に遠慮なく連絡してくださいね。マニラの観光地をご案内します。

  31. すごいvlogですね!またフィリピンに行きましょう😊

  32. Hahaha it used to be my work. I worked here before. My house is nearby

  33. Your mom is so young looking! both are beautiful. This is something I like to do with my daughter some day.

  34. OMG先生!!! Binge watching your tutorials while staying indoor here in Tokyo! 🇵🇭🇯🇵

  35. So happy to know that you visited our hometown miku sensei, you are always welcome in our country ^-^ Keep safe

  36. It’s great to know that you had fun here~💜💙

  37. ᜃᜓᜋᜓᜐ᜔ᜆ? = Kumusta? = 元気ですか?= How are you? 🇵🇭❤️🇯🇵

  38. フィリピンの中にどこですか?

  39. eee sore wa ima desu ka firipin itta. no ka

  40. Maybe ur mistaken as firipin jin..lol

  41. Really??When did u go?

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