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Trying GENIUS DIY Food Hacks & "Funny" Tricks (123 Go)

Sometimes 123 Go goes ahead and makes a video that pops off real hard. I’m curious how genius these hacks actually are so I’m trying them myself.
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  1. Oof lots of comments saying I copied here! Search 123 Go and look at their thumbnail, I def copied it haha. It's impossible to make a video like this in an hour. Sometimes queens think alike 😛 <3

  2. Gloommm i do not know how to use chop sticks! 🙁 like if you do not know how

  3. gloom:thay dont pat u down or anythig

  4. That was oreo cream on his lip it wasn't milk ;-;

  5. The reason the chocolate was a weird colour it was a little melted and then went cold again

  6. but if you cut the noodles you will get more noodles

  7. i was eating oreos and milk at the time with the second hack

  8. I don't know how to use chopsticks how do you know to use chopsticks

  9. her eating noodles with scissors
    Me: cOrOnA vIrUs

  10. I don't eat salad I'm allergic to lettuce

  11. Just get a bigger glass on the second one

  12. hey gloom i love you your amazing

  13. I actually used the lid folding thing in kindergarten since I always forget my spoon

  14. Idk how to use chopsicks But I use a fork yeet :33333

  15. I like the one that the chocolate part like the. Boy and u said something I was dieing XD 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  16. The lady one is, that you don't have to get up and get more snacks, and when you get up to get the snacks, you friend might take it so yeah

  17. i have been watching Gloom for so long now <3

  18. i have been watching Gloom for so long now <3

  19. you would use the hack with the yogurt if you were if you weren't at home and needed a spoon

  20. LOL LOL LOLOLOL LOL LOL lalalalala the Lord I said LOL I said Lord next Lord I didn't say next Lauren I said LOL I didn't say Lauren stop!!!

  21. You can easily eat Cheetos with a fork

  22. When i forget my spoon i already did this but i have chocolate yoghurt, cause i dont like all the flavers.dont judge

  23. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  24. i just got my mom to make me roomin noodleys

  25. the salad hack le de leee dee de

  26. im not even allowed milk so i don't need to dunk anything :]

  27. Gloom: "It's a scary world we live in right now. You never know when to ne prepared."

    Coronavirus: Oh shoot

  28. I wish you have a lot of subscriber and I love gloom

  29. gloom: we all have teeth
    me: idont think so bc baby's don't have teeth well new born baby's

  30. No e=mc2 means E equals energy M stands for mass and the amount of matter in C stands for the speed of light

  31. The tube yogurt is called gogurt

  32. Gloom : my way is take care of your hands so they are small and fit in the glass.
    Me: hurts my hands trying to squeeze them with rubber bands to srink them.

  33. Is the snack shirt a extra layer of protection against Corona virus

  34. HI I ♥️ your videos I. Love the riddles and the art

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