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Trying Genius Viral DIY Food Hacks

These DIY life and food hacks aren’t even funny, they’re frightening. Thanks for the tips 123 Go!
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  1. I eat every food if craked by ur friend i totaly not minding it😂

  2. I've never EVER got a paper cut

  3. It look like she was f**king the bag

  4. The person in the vid put bread in the toaster not toast. Just saying

  5. Just saying… in the first hack when she said it seemed like an actual taco in a bag, let me tell u, I hate tacos so I would die 😂

  6. Are you and Azzy sisters or just best friend? By the way I am your biggest fan

  7. At 10:03 she said she was putting toast in the toaster… It.Is.BREAD…😂😂😂

    Also, I didn't read the other comments so I though I was the only one who realized 😥


  9. Your ironed cheese🙃🙂

    Sorry had to do it

  10. The toast/sandwich/etc with the iron was a lifesaver in college. Toaster? Not allowed. Hot plate? Not allowed. Candles? NOPE! Iron? 100% ok! We made a LOT of sandwiches with iron and tin foil (and if you butter the bread it cooks faster)

  11. if i was an adult and i stand there for 30 or 10 minutes i would be like asleep XD i think i might have gotten mixed up when she said 10 minutes then 30 minutes its weird but please help me get not mixed up by typing some comments for the people who do i will give u A SHOUT OUT i am so close to 10,000 likes i am at 9,654 subscribers please sub to me at lueena gacha and i am on my sister stellas account so dont be asking me questtions ik it is s4 lines long.

  12. Canadian presidents choice food from fortinos up in here!

  13. When she said on the bright side when she was doing the bread hack I thought she said bread side for a sec lol

  14. It's not an office I saw the video

  15. 14:21 who's British and says kettle

  16. Kassie: “Farts”
    Me: REEEeEeeEeEeeEeEeEeeEeEe EEe

  17. we have to praise king kassie for sacrificing her hair straightener for our entertainment

  18. Hey, I absolutely loved this video Kassie, it was so entertaining. I am a just starting youtuber and would love to be like you and would really appreciate it if people scrolling the comments would watch my videos to help me to eventually be like you. X

  19. She spent half the video on one hack

  20. 10:05 Kassie NOOO

  21. I think the first hack is gross

  22. Haks, they make you really sit on chips

  23. my dad said "no she's not making that for you" I said "that's her decision " he said "that's it, you lost it" and I said "you're just mad cause you know I'm right" and walked away and then he said "you're not making it!" try and stop me, dad

  24. i love her accent for sum reason

  25. here's a viral food hack: instant noodles

  26. Ironing tinfoil has a 50%chance to get cancer

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