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Trying Girly Life Hacks to see if they work

Trying Girly Life Hacks to see if they work! Today we’re trying out some DIY lifehacks! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one https://youtu.be/ffQagfgtFkM Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!

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  1. I would have kept the tip of the heal

  2. hi… the tatoo only takes about 2 min. thats why it didn't work

  3. I rate your look -19999999999999999999999999999999

  4. Oops I said SSSniperwolf I ment little lia

  5. SSSniperwolf: I hate everything
    Me:I'm offended
    I hope she's sorry

  6. Just pretend that that are birth mark

  7. I dare you to in next video to ware that all day to wallmart and other places

  8. me:liked video* lia:dosent wear spongebob

  9. oooooooooO who she she songebob OK BUT SHE THICCCCC

  10. Wait- isn’t this sssniper wolf?

  11. Follow direction with the tattoo one

  12. 0:36. the dude in the back is wearing a Simpson shirt. lol

  13. Another hack says that you can draw the "tatoo" with eyeliner and spray it with hairspray. 🙂

  14. you didint let it dry

  15. I have dark hair i can't do anything with it

  16. What happened to your trust

  17. I'm Jaelynn I love your videos

  18. You are so funny I cried HAHA

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