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Trying Life Hacks & PRANKS to see if they work

Trying Life Hacks & PRANKS to see if they work! Today we’re trying these diy lifehacks to see them in action. Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch TikTok Hacks https://youtu.be/QtldQK3QgS4 Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf

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  1. I can actually eat spicy food now 😳

  2. same TP be flyin' off da shelves lol

  3. chips and phone that’s all that I need

  4. Ok a bit rude do i g that to ash >:(

  5. SSSniperwolf: I don't know anyone who can't eat one single taki chip
    Me:well u don't know me 😂

  6. ~roses are red~
    ~violets are blue~
    ~sssniperwolf is the best~
    ~and so are u~

  7. When she start wearing dresses


  8. Who else saw how tall she was

  9. Me: those jeans look just as big =_=

  10. Putting chapstick on ur face gives you acne don't try it at home

  11. SSSniperWolf: Eat it, it's good 😏
    Digital: I DO NOT TRUST YOU
    ME:Wassup egg noice to taste you!
    Everyone else: …

  12. You're not really violated the dress code because you were still wearing a long-sleeve shirt

  13. Oh I can eat talkies all day with out even getting water

  14. The dog with the water and yah that wad rude

  15. Leah: ash get back

    Me :well ash bouta live up to his name

  16. You are so Beautiful 😍

  17. Pokimane + SSSniperWolf = wolfymane

  18. Sssniperwolf when you melt chocolate you're supposed to put a little bit of milk in it

  19. for people who wanna make that creamy melted chocolate, microwave your chocolate chips with heavy whipping cream in the bowl with the chocolate

  20. OMG! I already knew that pants hack 5 Years ago which was probaly waaay before that hack was even a thing! 💩💩

  21. 1:17 is when the video starts,🤣

  22. 9:10 I imagined Ariana Grande for a sec there….

  23. He looks so big next to you

  24. dogs cant eat choclate LOL!!

  25. lia:do not try this at home me:*dose it and power gose out* my mom:WHAT THE HELL

  26. I would try try the chocolate in the water

  27. Digitalnex:eats egg

    me: About to through up

    My mom:" What the hell are yo watching?"
    Me: "I'm watching a man eat an egg"

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