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TULUM TRAVEL GUIDE 2018 | Otherworldly Cenotes + Eat, Stay + Budget Tips!

Thank for watching our 2018 Tulum vlog & casual guide – itinerary of things we did (and didn’t get to do) below!
CUBA TRAVEL GUIDE: https://youtu.be/Cvs-4mW3KlI
Travel Playlist: https://goo.gl/wXgxNF

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I unfortunately lost most of my slow-mo shots with are my favourite to work with so we just turned this into a casual trip guide/memory vlog for us.

Ciara’s Guide: http://ciaraodoherty.com/10-days-tulum-travel-guide-vlog/

– Budget Stay: The Weary Traveler Hostel (we booked a private room & bathroom)
Save €15 using this link: https://www.booking.com/s/34_6/tara1880
– Calavera Cenote, Gran Cenote, Zacil-Ha cenote were our favourite cenotes near tulum town
– Exploring Tulum ruins
– Coba & Punta Laguna tour with Ko’ox (loved it but didn’t end up doing some things listed in tour so when booking ask specifically what you’ll be seeing with your tour guide. We didn’t mind much that we didn’t do everything – the day was busy!) : http://www.kooxdiving.com/en/activities/punta-laguna-and-coba-ground-tour/
– Akumal Beach for swimming with turtles
– Checking into the Amansala hotel: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/16489641 (Get $40 OFF with my Airbnb signup link: www.airbnb.com/c/taram2737 )
– Dinner at Posada Margherita on the beach
– Breakfast at Raw Love Tulum
– Cenote ZaCil Ha (also has a pool + bar etc)
– Eating El Pastor
– Dinner at Cafe Banana, gelato + the beachside nightlife

– Millions of other Cenotes in the area (weary traveler has a great map) as well as Dos Ojos Cenote.
– Adventure Day trip centres just outside of Tulum

Tara is a twenty-five year old fashion & lifestyle blogger / youtuber natively from Cork, Ireland and is a fashion graduate of Belfast now living in NYC.

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* Disclaimer: Not sponsored and we paid fully for this trip. Some links above may be affiliate links.


  1. This is a slightly different style travel vlog then we usually do, it has more memories and wasn’t as work focused with it being a personal trip. I also lost pretty much all my slow-mo footage so I couldn’t be as creative as normal so I said FUCK IT and made this. I hope you enjoyed our memories!



  3. whats the name of the first ceneote

  4. really helpful vlog! I'm going to mexico on Christmas holidays and I can't wait! You gave us planty of ideas to visit and it seems so beautiful. However, I noticed there was a lot of algae and seaweed on the beach. Is that normal?

  5. Amazing places on paradise lol i 😍

  6. How did you get to tulum? Did you fly into Cancun? Thanks!

  7. where did you get the bikes ?

  8. Dear Tar Mar Thanks for this! It reminds me of when I used to travel and loved it. It did visit Coba, but did lots of scuba in Cozumel and never swam in a Cenote. You really make it sound fun, which it is. Glod Bless you!

  9. Yass tara ! Went to Cuba , used your Cuba travel guide as reference and now planning my tulum trip. This is so helpful ,thank you .

  10. is it safe to travel by car going from the airport to tulum? I debating if a car rental or a bus would be safer.

  11. I’m going to tulum this summer and I’m so excited ❤️

  12. Great vlog! 👏👏👏

  13. This woman is the definition of gorgeous

  14. The cenotes are thrilling but scare me every time! https://archieoverby.home.blog/tag/overby/ -Archie Overby

  15. Beautiful videos. Wishing you more subscribers and many views!

  16. Hello, how did you get around? Did you rent a car or biked the whole time?

  17. Great video, loved it. Thanks as we'll be in Tulum next June 😉

  18. Tulum is a DREAM! I’m so excited to go in May! 😍

  19. Thanks a lot for this video, very helpful since i will stay in Tulum for a couple of months…You have amazing skin by the way. What is your secret:)?

  20. I loved this video. I want to go to Mexico for my birthday and watching your vlog sold me on going to Tulum. Thank you! For being so informative and entertaining 🙂 subscribed

  21. Makes me miss Tulum! Such a beautiful place. I liked the Posada Margherita place for breakfast had the best smoothies. I wish she would have gotten to check out the lesser know cenotes.

  22. very nice! i love this beach! 🙂

  23. Great video. Can see what people mean about the seaweed

  24. Awesome video!! Beautiful Tulum! congrats!!👌👍

  25. Great video gonna have to visit tulum next

  26. What time of year we’re you there?

  27. How's the spending currency? Do those places you went to accept us currency or only mx currency n do those eating places u went to do they accept credit cards?

  28. you are so gorgeous! Going to Tulum in December to escape that Chicago winter and for my 30th. Subscribed! Will also be vlogging my trip.

  29. Such a great trip just got back from there 2weeks ago planning round 2 soon

  30. this was literally the best vlog ive ever seen! very informative! planning to go in march, so it's probably going to be busier, but can't wait!

  31. Thank you so much for this informative and fun video!

  32. Hi, thanks for posting this vid looks amazing and has inspired me to book flights later this year! I just wanted to ask you a question about the seaweed/sargassum on the beaches – did this bother you at all? Could you still swim? Was it stinky?! I’ve been hearing some bad things about it and just wanted to hear what you thought!

  33. Tara! Please let me know where that cenote is in the beginning of the vlog!

  34. It’s lovely that folks do things like this and show a side of Tulum that isn’t just “the party scene” because this town is and offers SO MUCH MORE than that, and it’s become hugely detrimental. However I will be honest that we are also not a destination that likes to attract people who watch YouTube in order to plan their trip. The magic of this town is the authenticity and offering experiences and energy that is completely unexpected and well.. authentic. I grew up in Mexico in QR and have lived her solely for the last 4 years, so yes I do know what I’m talking about. But with that being said it’s super lovely to have people like you coming here and sharing what you loved about Tulum and encouraging people to come here and experience it so THANK YOU for helping shine a light on the positive things and the insanely gorgeous culture that we are privileged to have <3

  35. She is so pretty! I will be going to Tulum with my husband so this is a perfect video to watch!

  36. You basically took the bike everywhere, I wanna do that, I'm going to Tulum with my boyfriend coming December and it would be very lovely to ride a bike to the places, did you rented?

  37. I saw a video talking about how swimming in the cenotes are hurting their ecosystem as they are all connected or something like that. It also mentioned that by doing so you are disrupting the sea turtles habitat.

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