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TWIN TELEPATHY 3 COLOR PAINT & PAPER *DIY Mothers Day Makeover Challenge |Sis Vs Sis Ruby and Raylee

Hi everyone, we did a Twin Telepathy 3 Color Paint & Paper DIY Mothers Day Makeover Challenge! We made over some simple Wooden Jewellery Boxes that we got from our local Craft Shop & Amazon and transformed them using 3 Colours of Acrylic Paint and Decoupage Decorative Papers! These DIY Jewellery Boxes were really easy to make over and we love how they turned out. We hope that we inspire you to have a go at making your own DIY Mothers Day Gifts and Painting Makeovers. Head over to our Community Page here ➨ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCILa… to leave your video comments and let us know whose Jewellery Box you liked the best! We hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for watching! Love you all ~ Ruby and Raylee 💕#TwinTelepathy #3ColorChallenge #RubyandRaylee #DIYMothersDay #DIYJewelleryBox #SisVsSis #RSisterSquad

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