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Ultimate Nerd Cave Build – Part 2 Let's DIY some stuff!

The build of my Ultimate Nerd Cave continues with some DIY hole making!

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  1. Jay… Make the coffee table with wood and epoxy and do RGB led's in it!

  2. I could freak out about the wall, being from the EU, but tbh having walls like that makes kabeling so much easier. The effort i would have to go true with my stone walls, is quite a bit different 😛

  3. Your statement of "it's basically an extension cord" to get around code is exactly what I use regarding my desk/electronics bench here, the fire inspector chuckled and said "fair enough".

  4. Still waiting on that Red Dead Redemption 2 case mod video Jay…

  5. "Legend"… That's an odd way to say Legrand

  6. Hey Jayz

    Can i grab your attention a moment, and sorry for asking in this video.

    You where doing a overclocking guide at some point where you disable some feature in Windows, so it won't get bonked when stress testing when Windows crashes, but i can't find that video. What I'm talking about is when stress testing fx a CPU OC you disabled some Windows Error reporting feature i think or something correct, so Windows would not get screwed or am I wrong? 🙂

    Because I'm asking is that I have a AMD Ryzen 7 3800X with a Asus Rog Strix 570X-F. When overclocking windows crashes a lot until I find a stable OC, but sometimes Windows hangs and goes into repair mode, which is annoying. Currently I'm at 4.4Ghz all Core-Boost, but still tweaking ^^ Getting a Cinebench R20 Score of 5143 😛

    Kind regards Mark

    PS: Keep doing what you do… Your Awesome bro 😀

  7. Don't tell Paul's Hardware you want everything to be connected.

  8. jay jay jay … I am 31 and will ONLY put wood grain in my setup going forward. IKEA is way to cheap build quality wise for me and it adds to the hype and appreciation of saving for the stuff I know will last a very long time for me setup. I am looking at doing a sit to stand frames for a work bench and computer desk for sure with matching real edge tops for each. I know your not apologizing for how you want to do your setup, but don't apologize for how you want to do your setup!

  9. I like these videos, but if I did what you are doing my wife disown me.

  10. what kinda exhaust do you have on that rebel??!?

  11. Please Jays don't keep this chair and jump on to a Noblechair Icon or Hero, they looks awesome, and are so comfortable !

  12. Jayz, next time you drill open holes like that, PLEASE use tape on the spot so the corners wont splinter as much. My OCD killed me for that 😣😓

  13. Jay: "don´t want the typical techtuber setup.." –

    Also Jay: buys 3 ALEX drawers

  14. This! All these “custom” IKEA/funkopop/naoleaf setups look the same.

  15. I hope the improvements of this reach the chapter 10 or something

  16. Jay: I don't want white

    Also Jay:

  17. It is funny, I am doing almost the same thing now to a room in my house. Just did an ikea run as well

  18. maybe Legrand will sponser you if you pronounced their name properly… lol

  19. Okay I'm having issues trying to stream i get frame drops and skips when streaming from console to pc. My pc is rhe HP Pavilion S5-1126 and I just installed a amd Radeon 6450 1gb graphics card, any help please would be great

  20. Hey Jay the shutters you have on the windows, were they hard to install, my wife wants them in our house. (we can get them in the uk) they look really nice.

  21. I like those shades Jay, name?

  22. If you pause just right at 7:46 you'll see Jay under the desk.

  23. I'm loving your videos like these along with videos from Paul's Hardware! Kyle from Bitwit also did his own Home Improvement video series! I think Linus also did something with his home! These are very cool and I hope YouTube adds this as a category in the future; "Home Improvement" which they already have "Gaming" "Fashion" "News" and maybe a couple others. This is something I want to see YouTube add! Great video JayzTwoCents

  24. 13:00 Tim the tool-man reference? lol

  25. Hang on Phil, the Rescue Squad is coming!

  26. Love the Equinox colour! Darker than the grey I have, but I also went for a warmer grey, so it probably balances out on feel. Love the worktops too!

  27. Jay needs to stick to what he knows, how to stick it into both ends on the backside.

  28. I know no one is gonna believe this, but I swear I'm normally very positive in this chat comments section; but I find myself very disappointed with these personal PC/Office setup decisions, Jay. I mean, you've got a fresh clean slate & what do you go with? The same tired old Ikea Karlby countertops with Alex office drawers. I mean, how can you honestly call it "Ultimate Nerd Cave"?! There's nothing ultimate about it. I've left this comment in several other 'ultimate office setup' videos too Jay, I'm not targeting you specifically. It's just a big letdown, is all. You could of done something epic, something amazing (Look at Lew's setup for his Lew Later videos. Imagine a beautiful Live-Edge hardwood desk!) Instead you chose to spend 1/2 as much and basically have particle board furniture. What more can I say, other than you need to change this series name from now on… "Basic Nerd Cave". Seriously.

  29. I think we need a new video where she helps you build a pc or maybe some watercooling. 😀 love your vids Jay..

  30. Most of those setups are literally for people half your age.

  31. Is it gonna be as long as post malone's build???

  32. Help, I'm trapped in a video factory???

  33. Can’t wait to show mine off to you…I’m custom building my desk now and custom shelves. Like you, it’s all going to be “smart” controlled.

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