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Useful LIFE HACKS that Actually Work

Useful LIFE HACKS that Actually Work ! Trying out some do it yourself fun, girly life hacks! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!

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  1. Am i the only one that niticed that lia has hella big bathroom

  2. You just stole ssspinerwolf

  3. GUYS toilet paper is like gold in the UK now . With the coronavirus. Stay safe guys

  4. I love your channel I’m in the sssniperwolf I love you my name is abby

  5. She better save that toilet paper she put in her hair to wipe her stuff. That stuff is gold now

  6. My friend: This is sooooo olddddddd
    Me: its literally only 2 months old…..


  7. The REAL reason you wrap your phone in plastic wrap:
    Keep us safe from CORONA!!

    Life hacks with me!

  8. Me: uhhh the first hack is boring
    Mind: the thing is a zip tie

  9. Sunny:woaw skyler:I love your vids

  10. Lia: Some people watch these hack videos and never do them.
    Me: super intense guilty face

  11. Uh her name is not Karen it’s Jessie?

  12. This whole comment section: smash the like if you have rice in your household

  13. Is this ur other channel sssniper wolf

  14. how many times lia says wow in ever video


  15. The first thing is cable ties

  16. I've used the hair toilet paper hack, it works but Kleenex works better.

  17. News: Sssniperwolf, Very big youtuber has been demonetised for hygiene issues.

  18. The things u called ties are called drain snakes lol

  19. A plunger was made for the sink


  21. What if u don’t have a laptop?


  22. I love your video. I watch you when I am bored.

  23. Uuummmm she is not Karen she is Jessa

  24. The toilet paper curling thing actually works

  25. does anyone notice Little Lia is sssniper wolf

  26. Those things made of zip ties in the diy are called drain snakes

  27. Is Leah Ashe your sister or something ?

  28. Meh:waches lia videos.
    Music passing by:dudududududududududududuududududududud
    Meh:turns off phone runs to the people kill them comes back a fanally

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