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VAN LIFE | A Day in The Life | MEXICO

We have been traveling in our van in Mexico for nearly 5 months. Today we bring you along on the adventure to show you what a typical travel day looks like for us!

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We are Max & Lee + Occy. We are new to the YouTube world and stoked to be here. We are about living small with the world as our backyard. We love adventure and we want to bring you along with us! Follow us as we continue our travels, through Mexico and into Central America.

enjoy ur coffee by a u x @auxofficial
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  1. good…. i like you gys lovv you

  2. 很棒的露營車,很棒的分享❤️

  3. So great to watch you living the van life 🍀🌴👌I love this lifestyle so much. Even the bad days became good days when I realized what freedom I had won when I decided to live like this ❣️At the moment I’m on Tenerife 🌴🌵. Next year I will go to Russia ⛺️🚗 Have a wonderful time 🍀🍀🍀

  4. That dog is such a mood 😅
    So suave.

  5. Cool video but yooooo!

    Diesel is not gas. Its fuel mane!!!

  6. U r journey soo nice.. and u r lovely dog soo nice…

  7. Loved the channel…. Got some nice positive vibes watching…

  8. You must visit https://youtu.be/MWW7J0ogZ24 , if you traveler 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨


  10. Wash your pilow, the dog spit on it

  11. I have started adventure vloggin a week ago and am so interested to get into it, I will be exproling with my bike from one place to another, I can't wait

  12. Hidup penuh petualangan mantappp jiwa

  13. Very beautiful video guys.. always be loved and happy together.. And come to Greece chalkidiki!!

  14. You guys are awesome! 😘❤️

  15. Nice shots and scenery, but there was something about the video that didn't resonate with me. I have a hard time figuring out if the reason I disliked some parts of it had to do with me being depressed and/or jealous (both or which are entirely possible) or if it's because everything in the video seems designed to give a positive impression to the viewer, which makes it seem (ever so slightly) off, as if an essential ingredient was missing.

    That essential ingredient, of course, is the misery of life and the inescapable suffering that comes along with it. When you try to remove it from the equation, you don't get something pure and without fault. You get a strange replica of life in which some vital things are clearly missing, even if you can't quite point to what they are. This is not a problem with this video alone obviously, but with social media in general.

    For me, the negative parts of life are super important and I would never want to pretend they don't exist. Only by integrating them into my self have I been able to grow. I also think to ignore a substantial part of life can be objectively dangerous. You might go to certain neighborhoods thinking it's all about your journey, when the people there will do anything to survive, for example. So I'd be careful about that, sometimes what the situation demands is a warrior's mindset, and if you insist in being "nice positive cool person living the dream" you can become easy prey. I remember watching a documentary about serial killers who went after children and making the observation that the one defining characteristic of the victims was that they were always smiling, and presumably had high levels of trust in people.

    I suggest being careful with your mentality, so that it does not become an obstacle in your observation of the external world around you. Balance is key in my opinion, as always. Good luck.

  16. You drive across Mexico I have always been told that a trek like that is very dangerous but your video looks inviting have I been misinformed?

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