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VANCOUVER Travel Guide: Budget Tips | Little Grey Box

Travel Vancouver on a BUDGET! We visited Vancouver for the very first time with only a few days and a small budget. Here’s a look at some of the best things we found to see, do and eat, without breaking the bank.

Where we stayed:
➲ North Vancouver Airbnb https://bit.ly/2ZtLrc9
➲ Porteau Cove Provincial Park https://bit.ly/2IFik08

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  1. I’m from Vancouver and you really hit all of my favourite things! Porteau cove is a hidden gem of the city that most locals don’t even know about, but it’s my absolute favourite stop

  2. Good video…👌👌

  3. Very well done! This info will be extremely helpful when we visit in June! Thank you!

  4. Hi, I came here because I might be travelling to Vancouver for work in the Spring. I might have time to visit some of the sites you've shown

  5. "local culture"
    Chinatown. wut?

  6. Local tip: You don't actually have to pay to walk through the Dr Sun Yat Sen garden, only enter parts of it.

  7. I am so happy you went to porteau cove! when i went to visit my friend in Vancouver it is literally the first place she took me. It was rainy and foggy and stunning!! Coming from Austin it was an unbelievable dreamscape. Next time run up to Barretts View. You can see for literally 100 miles down the continent to Mt Baker, plus super good views of all of Vancouver.

  8. It's a nice blog I love it

  9. Having been to both cities which do you prefer for a picturesque city? Cape town or Vancouver?
    I am stuck between the 2?
    I am currently residing in cape town and have the luxury of working from home.

  10. I love this city. And …😉😘

  11. Capilano bridge on the list for a vancouver trip on a budget
    🤔. Apart from that nice video.

  12. Hi! Your You Tube video is so nice and I subscribed your channel !
    If you have time , please check my You Tube channel and please subscribe too ! Have a nice day !!

  13. If you want to see lots and enjoy good food, expensive tho, go to the “ Top of Vancouver” restaurant where it revolves 360 degrees. There you see a lot of Vancouver, StanleyPark, plus the harbour, seaplanes and the ski resorts on the North Shore mountains! 👍🍺💕

  14. I visited most of these spots three weeks ago. 🤗🤗🤗

  15. Do you recommend renting a car? I'll be with my family for about 5 days.

  16. Best thing to do in Vancouver is sleep so boring here

  17. lol I live in van. All I do is trails and cafes 👌🏼

  18. One of the largest chinatown in the world ??? Not a chance !

  19. Love this travel guide. I also made a vancouver travel guide as I am a local and know all the cool hidden spots here 🙂

  20. $50 per person for the Capilano suspension bridge !

  21. Sea to sky gondola was vandalized last week :(. Somebody cut the gondola cable in the night and all of the carriages fell. Booo

  22. after I wrote my comments below I noticed many Vancouverutes have said the same. Check the comments.

  23. If you're on a budget forget Capilano suspension.(a family package with no transportation, eats, etc is killer) Ill save you a small fortune. 2 adults and 2 kids will cost you $160.00 bucks. Go to Lynn Canyon on local transit. It also has a fantastic suspension bridge. A waterfall that locals jump from. (dont people die) but you can swim in the mountain streams below the falls. Bring a lunch you can also hike around. Ive been there when indigenous first Nations people drum, dance and sing, sometimes.Way less people, beautiful, more to do, and cost is 0 except for 3 bucks for the bus! Which will drop you 5 min from the park. Ask me Ill try to answer your question.

  24. Hi, born and raised in Vancouver and thought I should mention a few tips. Like many others have said, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is expensive. Around $30 for an adult. But there’s a free shuttle you can take from downtown. Also it’s important to note that Granville Island is expensive. It’s free to walk around but the vendors (crafts and food) are expensive.

  25. This is my home! Thank you for highlighting its beauty so well, for all to see. So proud to live here!

  26. Nice vid. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden is the only classical Chinese Garden outside of China outside of China. Worth mentioning.

    Surprised you didn’t include the city's many beaches and even the Skytrain loop (~$5 per person even in peak hours) as a worthy budget-friendly option.

    Nevertheless, you can’t please everyone so well done!

  27. You should have actually mentioned that the Sea to Sky Gondola and Shannon Falls are located in Squamish, BC.

  28. What a sexy women imagine smokin a blunt kissing her

  29. The video is amazing. I love all that places.
    How is it possible that you look so chill and you have social anxiety?
    I have SA for almost 6 years now and i wish i can travel like you do.
    Do you have any tips for people with social anxiety? Thank you so much.
    Love your videos ❤️

  30. You did a perfect Vancouver tour!!!!

  31. Steveston village is a cute little village just a 20 min drive from the Vancouver Airport. Highly recommend

  32. Chinatown in Vancouver is pretty ugly these days… San Franciscos Chinatown makes ours look like shitty alley

  33. I love you Vancouver, I am definitely missing you 😘

  34. The steam clock only pukes steam its is not steam powered.

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