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Vanlife In 2020… Lost In Europe //252

Join me on my journey across Europe in my DIY campervan!

A Little About Me…
Im a 27 year old photographer from Leicester/England.
Bought myself a 2002 Iveco daily and converted it into a camper
Which i’m now travelling around Europe in.
#vanlife #offgrid #campervan
I upload on instagram if you are interested in seeing my photos
Instagram @ash__pollard
Also check out Marie’s @mariegarratt_
My Email ash_pollard@hotmail.co.uk
Marie’s Blog www.marielouisegarratt.com

Want To Help Me Out?
Thank you SO much for all the kind offers to help me out financially with my journey, I’m honestly blown away by your generosity!
For those that would like to I have a couple of options.

On here you will find lists of all the items that i currently use in my van. If you purchase any of these using my links i will receive a small percentage at no extra cost to you.

If you would like to purchase a sticker / fuel token
Drop £5 into the PayPal linked below along with your address and i will
send one out to you!


  1. Another great vlog cheers

  2. Axe was going well ..ithought it looked ok till you pointed out its weak bitthen o laughter set in ..soz

  3. Thank you for this wonderful video. It’s so relaxing to watch this at home. To bad the big axe handle didn’t go well. But you will nail the next one.

  4. Add some pine nuts or sunflower seeds (if you have ir can get any) chopped coarsely to Marie's nettle pesto next time you have it. Makes it so much better.

  5. I find something so relaxing and satisfying when hand shaping wood . Cheers.

  6. Lived this one ash, amazing how you turned a box axe into a small axe🤙😜😷

  7. PBS the woodwright shop he has an excellent clamp for the type of woodworking your doing. I drive by his school all the time. Nice vid….

  8. Awesome photos at the end dude, just starting to get into night photography

  9. Thanks for keeping up with the daily load Ash, I'm loving them. Where did you get the name Am.bol.east from? Oh yeah, and please send Lance home, CJ's looking for him.

  10. That camp looks so peaceful and relaxing which in current times I think should be the main consideration, have fun and stay safe

  11. A right cosy homestead nice and chilled bummer about the Axe good effort 😃

  12. Sums up camp AM-BOL-EAST!!! pretty darn well 🤘😆

  13. Set up a time lapse for sunrise 🌘👍

  14. Beautiful vid – thanks!

  15. Grate vid shame about the axe

  16. You look to be having a great time. 👍

  17. Nice one Ash, really enjoying keeping up with you all 😊

  18. Loving these vlogs 😊. Ash have you been a carpenter/ joiner or are you self taught? Watching you make the axe handle was mesmerising 👍

  19. You have more patience than a lot o folks, Ash..the handle was bloody good considering the timber you had to lark with.. 👍
    Marie's nettle dish looks appetising..never quite got my head around consuming nettles..maybe have to try it one day..lol
    Oh and love the night photos, btw..I tried some on Skye, but can't fit much in the frame, somehow..

  20. need to lay off the beans, reminded me of blazing saddles.

  21. Loving the daily vids, inspiring me to make the most of things in this time! Take care 👍

  22. Nothing is like a good fart in the morning he he. My wife asks me why im laughing. LIfe is great for you guys. I can only imagine how peacefull that is. We live and we learn but most of all we are humans and we are made to have joy and happines. Keep the good spirit cos its just fantastic.

  23. the traditional wood for an axe handle is hickory or ash -)

  24. Looks like someone went wild with some clippers!

    Go buy a ax handle! Making one out a piece of pallet will not work!

  25. Great camp setup! You guys are doing it right!

  26. time to do a bow and arrow vid

  27. Great video again ash you can turn your hand to anything, can i ask whats CJ got on his roof it looks like a table lol. Cant wait to see the chickens arrive and give you fresh eggs, omelettes galore videos lol nettle omelet will be the first one i bet 🤣 , yyyaaaa stay safe michael nottingham

  28. I hope you and everyone else is prepped for what is happening next. We are heading for the biggest economic collapse ever. It will be literally the survival of the fittest, a dog eat dog environment where many will lose their livelihoods, homes, possessions, freedoms and lives. It will be ruthless. It will not be a game.

  29. Awwww, you're woodworking music was perfect. Totally zen, I just zoned right out there. More of that would be fantastic. Every day's an adventure. Crackin' photos as always. Take care guys n gal and love n hugs to the pups. x 🙂

  30. Gutted on the handle, great vid. 👍

  31. Watching your channel is as surprising as the 80s/90s Windows Screensaver Johnny Castaway. Everyday he was doing something new while stranded on his island. Love this channel so much

  32. Weather is looking good, nice spot compound is looking new, need a new axe, ready for the chickens, nice and relaxing to watch, enjoy 🍽🥃🔥🌬🌬

  33. How much was your drone and what model is it…✊✊✊✊🤘🤘🤘🤘😎😎😎

  34. What does Ash and Alf have in common? The same hairstyle… 😂😂😂

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