Hey Larlees, todays video is my first ever cooking video! I normally do things like cooking on my vlog channel, but while at home I thought it would be fun to try out some cooking Tiktok hacks in the kitchen! We tried the 3 most viral Tiktok cooking hacks and honestly it was too much fun! Thank you all for watching stay safe and health! xo – Laura

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  1. What's 'orl' with love from the UK 😛😂🤣

  2. Can someone tell me what creamer is?? I’m from uk and only use milk x

  3. I would put sugar a pinch of salt and hot fudge at the end on the Oreos cake

  4. Laura! I love you tonnes but for the love of god please STOP SLAPPING YOUR CHOPS 😷😂

  5. Laura is the equivalent to my best friend. Adds one ingredient and says "this is my creation"

    Laura- adds milk and creamer to a cup.

  6. Awesome ideas. I think I liked the first one 👌

  7. Love you guys! This vid was great!

  8. Doing the hot Cheetos one, but I'm gonna cheat and start with regular premade mozzarella cheese sticks then dip those in the egg, pan co bread crumbs, instead of flour & only once then egg and then hot cheetos. Also crushing the hot Cheetos into a finer powder I think will help a lot. I also think using a deep fryer will help them cook more evenly and hold together better. Gotta get the fry daddy poppin! Lol

  9. just waiting for a uk equivalent to ranch

  10. You forgot the ice! Lol. And you're supposed to mix it a little bit… 😂

  11. You have the best content! 😍

  12. laura what are you doing stealing tyler’s videos

  13. Umm where is Tyler’s link yo!?

  14. They are such a sweet couple!

  15. Love Tyler cooking recipe but urs is amazing as well 😍😍

  16. i promise you the mozzarella sticks would be 100x better WITHOUT the flour. i feel like the flour kinda takes away the goodness

  17. Y’all remember dat tweet?

  18. I needed to turn it off at the end because i could not hear you chew that loud any second longer hahahahaha OMG

  19. I love how Eryn called it vegetarian when cheese is not vegetarian at all lol

  20. You didn’t link Tyler’s vid xx

  21. It looks like you put too much milk in the Oreo cake it’s easier to eyeball if you put milk in first. I also really enjoy putting almonds in mine and drinking it with milk. Another idea to make it sweeter is double stuffed instead. Probably won’t see this but just a tip. Love you laura💜

  22. try using Oreos with peanut butter filling for the Oreo cake and microwave for about 55 seconds until mostly cooked but having some gooey gives it more flavor in my opinion!!

  23. if you haven’t tried hot Cheetos with ranch you’re missing out

  24. The intro 💓💓💓👌👌👌👌👌

  25. Wholesome family fun, thank you for sharing… it made me laugh and smile. I am so down for that coffee drink!

  26. I 💘 💘 💘 your eye make up Laura!! Its so gorgeous!!

  27. This was an awesome video o my gosh I love how relatable and honest this was love how Aryns just in her pajamas love you guys hope y’all have a wonderful quarantine.😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️

  28. Vegetarian fried chicken.hahaha

  29. In India, this coffee is what we call – fitti hui coffee (whipped coffee) and we are having it since our childhood 😂🙋 I wonder why this is a trend now. Since years I am making this mixture and I store it in fridge so that I can have coffee anytime 😁

  30. Eryn talking in cursive😂😂😂 Im GoOd✌

  31. adding cayenne pepper and hot sauce as well as using the xtra hot hot cheetos would have made it taste more like cheetos

  32. where can i get a guy as hot as ty? frfr

  33. Ty : somebody come get him
    Laura : he’s dancing like a stripper
    Ty : (breaks back to eat whipped cream)

    I screamed😂😂

  34. ok i have to try the mozza hot cheeto sticks

  35. Eryn is so pretty and natural. Holy shit.

  36. 👀👀 girl what’s with all that Dasani in your pantry

  37. The instant French vanilla cappuccino coffee is AMAZING,I promise you will love it!

  38. It all looks good! But omg my biggest pet peeve is people smackin & eating with their mouth open!!!….. come on Laura ..now you just got on to your niece for smackin on gum?

  39. He seems so sassssyy! Lol. 💃

  40. Could you sprinkle more crushed hot cheetos over once they are cooked to get more of the hit cheeto taste??

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