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We TASTED Viral TikTok Cooking Life Hacks… (Chick-fil-a PIZZA?) *Part 6*

Ever heard of a custom Chik-fil-A pizza?! well we made it and what i have to say about it is……. guess you’ll have to watch… Text me: 323-405-9940
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Hi I’m Brennen. I’ve been eating food for 24 years. I’m basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:

Family friendly pg clean
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  2. My mouth is watering in the first 40 seconds

  3. have yall notice his phone numbe on top of the microwave

  4. Jesus this is something else

  5. I'm black and white my people have been fighting 400 years and are still fighting to this day to this day you are the must #####

  6. I’m dead dis man said Alabama teeth rottin type drink

  7. brennen taylor you are very racist just because

  8. How dare you use kraft Mac and cheese to put on that burrito that’s shit in a box if I’ve ever seen it

  9. dis guy has way to many of theese

  10. 8:18 I don’t know what those girls on there on crack

  11. The second one isn't necessarily a bust if you enjoy the taste of raw cookie dough

  12. next time put the temperature lower and the time in the oven some longer. so the inside will get better. I have this all the time with baking cakes and stuff

  13. Bro when u r makeing a cookie its not about pan or something else. Make the cookie thin dont make it thick. Try it

  14. Wow calm down (Jesus this is something else) (in dramatic action) it looked like you were going to die

  15. I can imagine in the store you’d be like oh nooooo we have to put these back in where they were.

  16. Brennen, if this is croissant than what is crescent???

  17. Watching the video and found that said “Text Me” above the Microwave 😅😅😅

  18. He actually says cre scents……. he should go back to school

  19. Your is tall there’s is wide it makes it cook even when it’s more wide

  20. A little Raw cookie dough ain’t never hurt nobody💀💀

  21. the cookie part there lying

  22. can i get a shout out plz

  23. I barely ever eat anything so I’m really slim lol I try going to the gym a lot to gain some muscle but right now I’m still really slim

  24. Brennen: we could be anti-social together
    Also Brennen: *has a youtube channel
    (Just jokes)

  25. every time I've cooked the cookie dough it's worked and tasted so nice

  26. Wtf you mean this is a white person burrito 🌯

  27. Hey I'm from Alabama 🙁

  28. No jake is right u can buy it

  29. Life hacks:CHEASE
    human makeing the hacks: #lactoseintolerant

  30. ITS BLOODY RAWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I really like you until u said Alabama teeth rotten good. Alabama is not the only state that has people with bad teeth…that was unnecessary

  32. maybe you made the layer of cookie dough too thick

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