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We tested viral TikTok life hacks and it honestly didn’t go as planned. Stove’s Kitchen and Bailey Payne helped me test these viral life hacks from TikTok’s for you page! Let’s see how they work!

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  1. Whoever reads this I just want to let you know that you are a beautiful human being ❤

  2. The bananna one is fake he had a charging case and it’s never made the sound

  3. You layer your phone has a charger case

  4. My name is ronaldo yooooooo

  5. I saw this life hack in chad wild clay’s video

  6. bailey just skipped the number 9 and goes to 10

  7. Baily has a charging phone case

  8. Not trying to be a hater but baileys phone charger was already charging he has a charging case

  9. It is a iPhone case that is with a battery in the case

  10. Please nothing else with tiktok

  11. Eww you are grown boys chewing gum smacking and tacking out of you mouth in front of the screen so gross I literally barfed

  12. The phone charger doest work bc he had a phone charger thing on his phone bc I saw in another vid he said he had a phone charger on the back

  13. How has twin my heart been going?? You and franny are so cute!! Ily

  14. bailey had a charging case on

  15. Bailey cheated he had a charging case

  16. Replay that his phone was already on charge

  17. Bailey has a charger on the back of his phone 🙄

  18. Bailey has a charging case it’s already charging. I see the green and that means it’s charging

  19. I thought it was funny when nothing popped up on the screen when you said show the video right there stove looked at it and there was nothing there.

  20. I feel like some of Ryan’s subscribers are being really rude to him but it’s just my opinion

  21. I love your shoe stove😁😃😉

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