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We TESTED Viral TikTok Life Hacks…. (MOST SHOCKING) *PART 9*

Y’all hit the like goal on the last video so here is part 9 of the series I created “We TESTED Viral TikTok Life Hacks” 100,000 Likes for Part 10?
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  1. The starbucks illusion is because they are curved.Try doing them straight

  2. Hee did it wrong what the salt and phone and sharpie

  3. You only need to rest the phone on the skin and push it hard and flash camera

  4. You were at a party you dumb ass with David Dobrik in big nick

  5. 5:07 good luck getting the sharpie off bro

  6. The bottom smaller than top

  7. Don’t put salt you idiots. Those people weren’t liars for the shocking thing

  8. It’s the brain it’s tink it’s bigger

  9. Put camera on sharpe and spam the button and it will shock u

  10. The sharpe works u don’t need salt

  11. The life with the starbuck is


  12. The one that you write it on your table is hey kemetic talk video

  13. The Coin They Rewind The Video xD

  14. in the free drink one u can see he had money in it

  15. The Starbucks sleeve works because of maybe the angles or just how u look at it

  16. for the Starbucks one it is because the top side is bigger than the other

  17. He had a magnet on the bottom of his table

  18. iPhone zika shock you go to the shock button

  19. The sharpie one with flash does work don’t use salt and put the flash on him

  20. The first one:starbucks thing was because of the shape so you were right.

  21. My mate got a real tut to gather fans by searching for " yadakjoo team " and it is working yet.🤤
    Feel free to use it.😊

  22. When you stacked the Starbucks coffee holders you stacked them from smallest to biggest

  23. The flash and salt and marker it works you did it wrong it shocks tf outta people

  24. The sharpie does work but try it with out the salt and have the phone touching

  25. i tried the ticket hack and it works😆

  26. wow there the same size. how the F*UCK is that helping my life!?!?

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