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We TESTED Viral TikTok Life Hacks… **THEY WORK** (PART 14)

Testing crazy TikTok Life Hacks part 14!! Can we hit 30,000 likes?!
Know No Better (Music Video) – https://youtu.be/GJEjSvmlnOs

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  1. You need water with the led

  2. Wolfe: My clothes won’t fit in my bag! Me: Why do I feel like this life hack added in just so he could flex his LV bag.

  3. The Crystal rock is a geode stupid and are worth nothing

  4. The squishy egg is a toy you can buy

  5. The hack at 14:30 works. U don’t use regular rocks u use geo rocks dumbass

  6. It was me that looked up how to cook a rock

  7. "Did I just get pranked into lighting my house on fire?"😂😂

  8. Wolfie: hopefully the house doesn't burn down
    Me: You finna die bebe 💀

  9. The more space in your luggage is kinda useless with covid19

  10. None of these ever work just stop doing these

  11. YouTube Zvexy check him out

  12. I’ve seen all of these and I love them

  13. Flights are cheaper now necause of corona maybe you can get a ticket off Wish

  14. this guy has been copying brennen taylor >:<

  15. That table spoon thing is dumb literally 😏 ain't no black man that's gonna measure shit

  16. Show us the cord on the first one🤔

  17. bro go upload on wolfie morewolifie aint wolfie

  18. I love ur vids and I’ve subed and liked

  19. In pretty sure the egg is supposed to be boiled first

  20. Ur camera man is irritating… For a camera man he speaks a lot

  21. it didnt work but ill still like it

  22. Lead is no longer in pencils. It’s graphite

  23. Do something else. Get original and do what you used to do. Make things up get the creative juices flowing again. Your in LA…. you have pretty much everything at your fingertips. Do these every once in a while but do challenges and pranks and collab with other big creators. I guarantee you will get a bigger following

  24. Try to taste danish food/snacks🇩🇰

  25. Maybe you should have the microwave outside! Lol

  26. Like for how many times they say that’s a vibe

  27. Lol u cut it n plugged the phone in a wall

  28. The egg one works with vinegar

  29. For the military clothes one make 2 of them and put 1 in each leg of the pants

  30. Love the life hacks videos 😀😀😀😀

  31. Yo I’m still waiting for that catfish vid 😂😂

  32. 2:39 or you can just get a wireless charger stand on amazon for 10 bucks

  33. You put the dollar in the wrong way it has to have the presidents head on the top side

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