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We Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks *they worked*

Today we’re putting 6 #Viral #TikTok HACKS to the test! We want to know if any of these #hacks actually work, and if any of them will make our lives easier! Have you tested any of these TikTok hacks??

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Recently on TIkTok, we have seen SO many people posting different life hacks! They all seem to be incredibly legit on TikTok, so we wanted to do our best to test them out to see how many of them would actually work!

We tested the following TikTok hacks:
*Adding salt to a water bottle to successfully land a flip
*Popping popcorn on a flat iron
*Making a fast food tray using a cup
*Using tape to get into someone’s phone
*Charging our phone with an apple
*Turning pajama pants into a dress

Honestly, we found that about half of these hacks actually work lol. We did successfully land a water bottle flip, but we definitely didn’t land it on the first try… That being said, I’m not sure if adding salt had anything to do with it, or if we finally just got lucky!

Popping popcorn on a flat iron does in fact work (although I’m not sure when you would ever need to do this?) 😂I think the BEST hack was just learning how to make a food tray with our fast food cup! Honestly would have been helpful during all those years of trying to balance McDonalds on our laps while in the back seat!

Using tape to get into someone’s phone was pretty much a bust, as well as charging our phones with an apple. I think we could have successfully turned pajama pants into a dress, but the pants we had on hand were just too thick/not stretchy enough!

Can you think of any other life hacks from TikTok that we could test?? Comment below!

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  2. You guys are so funny and pretty ❤️

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  6. what mascara do you guys use? your lashes are AMAZING.

  7. I've already done the pant one it works

  8. i love yall but you cant feed a dog potatoes its hard for them to digest! like if you noticed this too!

  9. you filled the bottle with water to much i tried it to

  10. McDonald’s fries do SLAP 😂

  11. I already tried the last hack and it worked I went to a restraunt with it on

  12. the water bottle thing was true but you guys did it from a high place and didn't work…cause it worked for me…. 😐

  13. you are soposto put the popcorn cernal on the iorn and then heat it up

  14. omg I love ur eyes
    love from Korea
    당신을 사랑합니다 ❤❤

  15. The water bottle is too full

  16. I was watching this and my sister asked me if I wanted pop corn 😂

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