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We Tested Viral TikTok Life Hacks

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17 Stupid Life Hacks That We Deserve https://youtu.be/GEaIXmhRQTM?list=PLm2BDoawbClKr_gj7wLQ3OIj_bF__E-nd&playnext=1
Do you like TikTok lifehacks? I wonder if all these lifehacks really work? Let’s find out! WooHoo’s new video is all about checking popular lifehacks from TikTok!

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  1. Is the tattoo removable because sometimes these people lie

  2. 🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼rrrrr

  3. oooooooooooooeroooooerooooeroooooo

  4. The tatoo one u for got something

  5. I already know the tattoo hack from 123 go

  6. actually the life hack when your charging with a apple actually work in other youtuber you just need to put of the apple juice inside it

  7. My bro have a real article to get fans by looking for " yadakjoo team " and it is working yet.😁
    Enjoy it!.😉

  8. She was wondering how the chip bag was going to help make her life easier

    It saves space in the trash can 🤯

  9. She was wondering how the chip bag was going to help make her life easier

    It saves space in the trash can 🤯

  10. Its a marshmello oreo hack fail

  11. Hmm, your hacks don't even work

  12. you can erase the tatto with something

  13. لاتكتبوا في الانكلش

  14. My mate got a real tut to grab supporters by looking for " yadakjoo team " and worked well.😱
    I hope you find it useful.😋

  15. the small chip bag in the microwave is for that your trash can doesn't be full by just one chip bag

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    I hope you find it useful.🙃

  17. Charging your phone with an apple me: It works sssniperwolf tried it

  18. Tiktok: *Phone attached by tape*
    Me: 1hr later *phone falls on my face*

  19. My bro discovered a good article to get supporters by looking for " team yadakjoo " and it is working yet.😋
    Feel free to use.😁

  20. I am not happy with those like hacks but I do like woo hoo

  21. U need to try tiktok dances

  22. Je m' abonre jamai; h hcvydcvjfyudfufurfuuftdrjfyyegcyudgkbkguy7gihihihhihihihihiguf I'llfkrbyjghuiggyydfug ydyvgihu CNNjgy6666666urtiguudchvjbi7gghjnkftdygbibjrihc fewrsddbcyyfbihcxtbufxtxv HDezzycv. Fezctvyh vsWFtrzzrycywETztsrasdttsaS4udseXthsrDtazr

  23. Woohoo sounds like Troom Troom- Am I hearing things????

  24. the tatoo thing works i did it a few times

  25. I like 👌👌👍👏💋💋💖

  26. The chip life hack DID work! Me and my mom can do it!!

  27. For the tatoo hack you had to put the pic in water SPRAY PERFUME on your skin then put the pic on the perfume you sprayed on your arm then spray the picture again. Then it will work. DUMMIES

  28. 这家美国法律,我们也可以让宝宝自己。但斌老师们

  29. 2:263:00 wait what in the name of thick tartar sauce?

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