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WEIRD BEAUTY HACKS FOR SMART GIRLS || Easy DIY Beauty Hacks And Tricks by 123 GO!

These days, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look absolutely flawless.
But if you’re a girl in today’s world, you’re well aware that not everything is always as it seems.
And we’re about to let you in on some of our favorite weird beauty hacks.

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  1. Because braces make you beautiful

  2. Woah it’s still 2019 not 2020

  3. those look nothing like braces on lily

  4. I" loving you r 123 go cenel

  5. NAIL HACK:do microwave work with the plastic

  6. Lady: takes photo of her self

    Also Lady: Walks away with her pants unzipped

  7. This is not really life hacks because mostly when people is doing DIY is when they dont have money basically and your just buying stuff and also when you were curling her her when she burned it was lipstick or lip gloss

  8. Liily is too 😍🦄🍇🎀🏩

  9. 8:24 shared them with your girlfriends

  10. The coronavirus you shouldn’t be drinking out of other drinks

  11. Now that the Corona virus is here I don’t think anyone would share or use stuff from the bathroom

  12. What if u don't have all your Teeth


  14. And they expect we have all this stuff in school

  15. Drinking wine I see but in jeans and a T-shirt at a fancy restaurant

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