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Weird Things You Can Actually Buy On Amazon!

Join me for all new funny reaction videos every day! I love to laugh and try not to cringe challenges and any viral videos that are trending right now. Life hacks, pranks, compilations, tiktok, animations anything you name it! Feel free to leave me your suggestions too! Today I will be reacting to Weird Things You Can Actually Buy On Amazon

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  1. im abset with rainbows and cats

  2. Wengie:do number 2 Me:hahaha

  3. Why do you make a video at 4 o’clock in the morning because not most people wake up that early like me

  4. Wengie this colour suits you..

  5. Can you up size a scrunchie 🐢🐢🐢🐢 # not a visco girl

  6. Intro: underwear for your hands😂😂😂🤫

  7. I have the bandaids there Awesome

  8. Hi wengie I have a question since I haven't watch it vids in months u have a twin named Wendy right🤔??

  9. The other day I saw a colouring book all about cats butts on amazon

  10. Dear haters, wow I can not believe this if you do not like the video (or any other video)then just click or tap off of it

  11. You are right but she is getting those views from them

  12. The Mickey Mouse gloves only has four fingers and it's short and you can't wear it

  13. Vat19 refrence anyone? The soda and the brownie pan

  14. Does anyone know why Max isn't with her? I mean he is their so…

  15. the thing about the oven mitts is it has 4 finger spaces

  16. Toilet spray fam 😂 btw comment 500

  17. how would u hear the show in the shower

  18. Wasn’t that spray called vipoo?

  19. I have the insult bandages

  20. Is nobody going to talk about how Wengie didn't noticed that the Mickey Mouse oven mittens only allows her to put 4 fingers in? ._.

  21. What about the KITKATS FOR THE VIDEO?!!

  22. The name of the other spray thing is Pooparoo

  23. But the Mickey mouseoven mits had 4 fingers how would u wear them

  24. nuuuu what happened to the onesies that you and max wear

  25. why isn't wengie wearing her unicorn wonize!?!?!

  26. My brother has the toco shel blancit

  27. The toilet spray brand I think was called VIPoo?

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