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You've Been Away for Long? "Hop-On for a Drive from (Nahr el Kalb, Maameltein Seaside Road)

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You’ve Been Away for Long? Rediscover Lebanon: “Hop-On for a Drive from many cities and villages in Lebanon. The idea is to make you live the experience, relive the moments, see how Lebanon has become. Buildings, highways, greenery and nature: Lebanon is not a desert country from the third world like many imagine it to be.
With roads empty, I planned road trips -without leaving my car- to film Lebanon, for every person who lives abroad, loves to remember the villages of his childhood, rediscover “The Lebanon” they miss. With a camera installed at the front of my car, I will drive, an hour a day and film as much as I can.
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“Lebnen A7la Balad Bel 3alam” and I’ve been trying to prove it since 2012. I’m Anthony Rahayel, passionate Lebanese, dental surgeon by profession, professional photographer, advocate of great food, blogger, YouTuber, influencer, marketing expert and TV presenter; having one and single aim, that is to show Lebanese and the world, “The Lebanon as not seen on TV”. I have founded Lebanon’s street food market “Souk el Akel” and won the award of “World Street Food Blogger of 2019”.

Since 2012 I’ve had only one goal – To uncover the real face of Lebanon, not the one that makes headlines on international television shows, but the real, the amazing, traditional and authentic Lebanon. It is that Lebanon I seek to broadcast far and wide. A Lebanon full of life, passion and vitality, full of people who are producing the most wonderful dishes, meals, desserts and much, much more.

NoGarlicNoOnions with its food blog (5,000 articles to date), Youtube channel (130,000 subscribers), Instagram account (150,000 followers), google maps (600 million views) and Facebook page (95,000 followers) aims to discover the heroes behind this marvelous country, spread happiness and revive “Paris of the Middle East”.

With every day that goes by and every discovery made and every new venture developed, the aim is one. My aim is to keep people connected to each other and to their roots, to make everyone enjoy, smile when they taste something good and unique, to discover the endless food artisans available across the country… creating a positive and rich environment that allows us all to embrace what we have and embrace life.
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